How to Get You Involved in Your Parenting Role

Being a parent means that you must adapt to the new member and accompany them in their daily learning process for their optimal growth and development.

Today’s life leads to fulfilling various tasks, often very complex and demanding, leaving little free time to share with the family. For this reason, the moments at home should be pleasant for each and every one of its members.

The task of being a parent includes a great responsibility. When the baby is born, you, as a mother, must be resourceful, practical, organized and intelligent enough to involve the father in this process and not leave it aside.

Even though the role of being a parent varies depending on the age of the child, your participation must always be constant.

Allow your partner to fulfill their role as a parent.

  • Always remember that before being a mother you are a woman
  • Keep cultivating your life as a couple and never stop being loving.
  • Many parents, aware that the work of motherhood is hard, kindly offer to collaborate. Always accept this help, we must not believe ourselves ” wonder women “, that we can do everything.
  • If he misses a task, teach him in a loving way and encourage him to continue with his task.
  • Plan household chores together and divide chores evenly so that it will be less tiring for everyone and you will have more time as a couple.
  • Do not leave the father’s problems in the background, always be interested in his work and everything he wants to tell you.

Over time the child will become more and more related to each of his parents. It is natural that the newborn baby has preferences for the mother, so it is very important to teach him to be with his father and that he, in turn, take his task of being a father very seriously .

    • When the father comes home, greet him with the child in your arms, warmly and affectionately.
    • Talk to the child and tell him that he will stay with the father while you prepare the bathroom, food, etc. and say goodbye to each one affectionately.
    • When you have to leave the house, and the baby is in the care of the father, explain the event clearly and briefly. Don’t sneak out.
    • The moment of crawling and learning to walk is essential to strengthen the parent-child relationship, being together in this process will bring your partner closer in their role of being a parent.
    • Keep growing as a woman and as a person. Study, read, continue working, exercise, this will give you the opportunity to create your space and the child the need to get closer to his dad.
  • Accept the game options and plans the parent proposes. Encourage him to create and design family events, remember: “you get more with a smile than with the point of a sword”, and “it is taught more by example than by lecture”.